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A demonstration of catch wrestling’s foundational move, the double wrist lock. Also known as a kimura, the standing double wrist lock in catch wrestling is far more than merely a shoulder attack. In fact, the shoulder attack is only the second stage of this compound attack, which begins with a forearm break. The key to the move is the initial “twist,” obtained when the hold is properly gripped up. Coupled with that is the way body weight is used both to move the opponent, get him off balance, and apply the force needed to break that bone. The shoulder attack — stage 2, if you will — involves taking the arm away from the back, not UP the back in a hammer lock. A graphic demonstration of the ferocity of the double wrist lock as it’s used in American catch wrestling as compared to how its used in both pro wrestling-influenced catch and jiu jitsu. Clip from the new 12-DVD sequel to The Lost Art of Hooking, Snap, No Tap! Produced by Paladin Press.
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From the 12-DVD series, Snap, No Tap! comes this demonstration of the catch wrestling top wrist lock “hook,” as well as a brief description of the differences between concession holds / submission holds and the kind of maneuvers American catch refers to as “hooks.” In short, a hook is a tighter and more severe version of a concession hold, and it designed to break or maim without giving an “opponent” recourse to concession. These aren’t the kinds of working holds one might find in, say, pro wrestling contests. Hooks can be adapted to sport; but their primary function is self defense — whether on the street or in the ring against someone who shoots with bad intent.
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If you have never seen the look on someone?s face that has been placed in a shin lock, get this DVD! They are devastating! Learn shin locks with multiple variations. This technique is one of Tony’s specialties. Catch Wrestling at its best. For more information: Thanks for watching!
Video Rating: 4 / 5