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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 07, 2011

Steve Volk remembers the loud booming sounds that emanated from the walls and the roof of his house late at night when he was a child. His family didn?t know what the source of the noise was, but his sisters claimed blankets were pulled from their beds and that they saw an old woman walk through the closed door of their room. People uncomfortable with the inexplicable hear this story and attribute these episodes to faulty pipes or overactive imaginations. But others have no hesitation?the Volk family was visited by a ghost.

Although the paranormal is popular at the Cineplex and New Age sections of bookstores, too often we push it to the fringes of our public discourse. Now, inspired by the noise his family could never trace, reporter Steve Volk brings the conversation front and center in Fringe-ology: How I Tried to Explain Away the Unexplainable?And Couldn?t (HarperOne; June 2011; $ 25.99; Hardcover), a rollicking journey into the unexplored territory where modern science and the paranormal converge

In Fringe-ology, Volk regales readers with intimate accounts from people who have had life-changing paranormal experiences, but because of modern social stigmas must be very discreet about sharing them. He peeks over the shoulder of an anesthesiologist who leads us on an exploration of the deepest realm of our being, sits beside a world famous psychologist who concludes death is not the end, and meets a N.A.S.A. astronaut whose trip to outer space turned him into a passionate paranormalist. Volk investigates what happens in the brains of people undergoing a religious experience, and learns how to control his dreams. He goes hunting for specters in some of this country?s most renowned haunted locations, and even wrestles with his own family?s mind-bending ghost story.

What Volk discovers is that there is enough mystery left in the world to humble us all, and that out of this humility arises the opportunity to answer some of the most fundamental questions about our existence. Ultimately, he finds common ground we can all share?a place for skeptics and believers, spiritualists and scientists to stand together, not at the fringes, but at the heart of what it means to be human.


Steve Volk is a longtime staff writer and regular contributor at Philadelphia magazine. His work has been published by Rolling Stone, Vibe, Men?s Health, Men?s Journal, The New Republic, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and The St. Petersburg Times, Volk has received dozens of state and national journalism awards and appeared on numerous radio and television talk shows in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. He lives in Philadelphia. His website is

Praise for Fringe-ology:

?This book presents a fascinating review of the most significant unexplained phenomena in a scientifically precise, yet easy to read style. Volk?s valuable contribution has important implications, not only for understanding the world we live in, but also by providing insights that can positively touch our daily lives.?

? Jeffrey Long, MD, author of Evidence of the Afterlife

?FRINGE-OLOGY is one of the most refreshing books in years about so-called paranormal phenomena. Volk transcends the hardened, militant bombast of skeptics who refuse to give an inch, as well as the accepting attitudes of true believers whose critical faculties have deserted them. Volk is open to the great mysteries and strangeness of human experience, and he is willing to let the chips fall where they may. And did I mention this book is pure fun??

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Glendora, CA (PRWEB) August 04, 2011

A number of Christian scholars suggest recent scientific evidence favors evolution and casts doubt on the existence of a biblical Adam. NPR religion correspondent Barbara Bradley Hagerty interviews biochemist Fazale Rana ( to discuss the ongoing debate among evangelicals.

The impression often given is that there is no challenge to the scientific evidence for evolution and no scientific evidence for biblical claims such as a real Adam and Eve. From this perspective, it would seem that the only choice evangelicals have is to accept the scientific data and wrestle with the theological implications.

But Rana, vice president of research and apologetics at Reasons To Believe and author of “Who Was Adam?” (, suggests there is a viable option for evangelicals. Reasons To Believe presents a strong scientific response to the evidence for evolution as well as a strong scientific case for a biblical view of human origins. Rana explains:

?Advances from the human genome project make the scientific case for a historical Adam and Eve stronger than it?s ever been.?

Rana actively participates in the science-faith conversation, particularly the discussion on a biblical Adam. Most recently, Rana was quoted in the Christianity Today piece on ?The Search for the Historical Adam.?

The NPR interview airs Monday, August 8.

Unique among other ministries, Reasons To Believe integrates a high view of Scripture with a high view of science.

To schedule an interview with Fazale Rana or to have him speak at an event, please contact Kristi Sandberg at publicity(at)reasons(dot)org or (800) 482-7836 x.112.

For further information about Reasons To Believe, visit


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To me, that sounds dumb because most of the wrestlers are in the middle. Of course, I haven't done a scientific study on the matter, it makes sense to me. It's just another reason why a wrestler will give for not going out for the sport,
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