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Strikeforce's Tate, Rousey can leave lasting mark
More than half of the top-10 featherweights in the Unified Women's MMA Rankings have eight fights or less. Now Strikeforce's featherweight division is all but empty as Santos faces a possible suspension after testing positive for a steroid in December.
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One more time
“A lot of things have gone into making that possible. I've invested a lot of time to become one of the best fighters in the world. This sport is all about time and being persistent and consistent. “MMA is growing so fast and becoming so popular these

Safety concerns prevent pro MMA
The ban includes live professional bouts, any person from profiting from combative sports activity and the advancement of MMA in New York. Mixed martial arts is also commonly referred to by some as a “no holds barred” fight, meaning that anything goes,
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