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Canadian MMA fans: pound for pound champs
No one can argue with Japan's great history of karate, Judo and catch wrestling, and mixed martial arts, holding tournaments like Shooto that predated the UFC. The USA is unquestionably the marketing machine on the factory floor from which the UFC as
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Coach Billy Robinson and Catch As Catch Can Advocate Jake Shannon share a unique take on Grip Fighting and the Catch As Catch Can Arm Drag series.
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Erik Paulson showing 4 catch wrestling moves.
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A demonstration of catch wrestling’s stepover toe hold with cross face. From the Lost Art of Hooking DVD set.
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(PRWEB) December 13, 2011

It was the Great Porn Experiment. In the 1980s two researchers, Dr. Dolf Zillmann and Dr. Jennings Bryant, were exploring the impact of pornographic films on people’s sexual beliefs and attitudes. After participants in their experiment had watched only five hours of adult media over a six-week period, the results were remarkable. Viewing pornography seemed to damage every corner of the mind: decreasing sexual pleasure in their marriages, decreasing their desire for commitment and affection, lowering their view of women, normalizing sexual violence, and creating a greater thirst for not real sex, but more and harder porn.

Now, 25 years and dozens of studies later, these observations are even more significant to the Internet generation. “When this study was done, that was called the ‘Massive Exposure Group.’ I now call that the Friday Afternoon Group,” says Dr. Mary Anne Layden, Director of Education at the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Cognitive Therapy. This is far from an exaggeration. According to a survey of 29,000 people from North American universities, 51% of men and 16% of women said they spend up to five hours online per week for sexual purposes.

Luke Gilkerson of the Internet safety company Covenant Eyes presents this and other scientific findings in a new e-book, Your Brain on Porn. And his target audience for this book is?of all groups?the church.

“Our company has interacted with literally thousands of churches over the last 11 years, and time and again, we have seen large percentages of church members wrestling with porn temptations,” Gilkerson said. “This guide was written to them.”

According to a survey done by Christianity Today, 57% of pastors say pornography is the most sexually damaging issue in their congregations. Daniel Darling, Senior Pastor of Gages Lake Bible Church and the author of iFaith: Connecting with God in the 21st Century, agrees. “It is not simply a problem for a few high-school guys experimenting with newfound hormones. It’s a lurching monster daily taking prisoners from among the best of us, including young and old, dads, and pastors, and leaders.”

“My goal was to set scientific findings in a Biblical context,” Gilkerson reports. “Even in churches where porn and lust are discouraged, it is still helpful to understand that there is a wise Designer behind our sexual drive. He created us for intimacy, and these scientific findings only further illustrate what the Bible has said all along?that lust hijacks something beautiful and makes it something ugly.”

“As a physician specializing in family medicine and addiction medicine, I hear about sexual problems on a regular basis,” reports Dr. Mark Murphy of Tacoma Central Family Medicine. “Given the alarming statistics included in this e-book, I am more inclined to ask my patients with sexual problems if they are involved with pornography.”

Dr. Murphy says he used to shy away from such questions, but now he unashamedly asks about his patients’ involvement with porn because he knows about the damaging impact it has on their relationships.

“I am delighted that I now have an excellent resource, namely Luke?s book, to offer my patients when this subject is broached,” Dr. Murphy reports. “This is a must read for any Christian who struggles with pornography.”

Pastor Darling believes this new e-book will be a great help to the church. “I heartily recommend Your Brain on Porn as a compassionate, gospel-soaked blueprint for escaping the clutches of the pornography beast.”


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SPORTS BETTING DEPOSIT LINKS: SPORTS INTERACTION: BODOG: FOR MORE INFORMATION ON MMA BETTING: VISIT: UFC 137: St-Pierre vs. Condit is an upcoming mixed martial arts event to be held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship on October 29, 2011 at Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. This event was originally expected to take place on October 15, 2011 at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, England.[2] However, due to multiple scheduling issues with broadcast rights, the organization scrapped those plans. UFC 137 will feature two preliminary fights live on Spike TV. Dennis Siver was expected to face Sam Stout at this event, but Stout pulled out of the bout on August 29th and was replaced by Donald Cerrone. Nick Diaz, who was originally scheduled to headline the card opposite Georges St-Pierre for the UFC Welterweight Championship, was pulled from the fight on September 7th due to multiple failed media appearances. Carlos Condit was promoted from his fight with BJ Penn to replace Diaz and face St-Pierre. On September 8th, BJ Penn announced via Twitter that Dana White offered him a fight he “cannot refuse” and will still be fighting at UFC 137. Later that day, both Penn and White announced that the fight would be against Nick Diaz. On October 1st, it was revealed that Tim Credeur was forced out of his bout with Brad Tavares for unknown reasons. Promotional newcomer Dustin Jacoby has stepped in to face Tavares.
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